Politics hasn’t always been nice to women. There have been several abuses against women in the realm of politics, and these abuses have served only to exclude women from taking an active part in the political realm. Because of this, women have been content to limit themselves to the domestic world – mostly housekeeping and child-rearing duties. But of course, that picture has now changed.

If you check out any tech blog, or any resource on women, you will see that they’re no longer taking the back seat. In fact, they’re refusing to take the back seat. And this holds true in the realm of politics, as well. All over the world you now find women who actively pursue political ends and goals, lobbying for their public interests. Nope, women can’t be trapped in online shops like Lazada and Zalora; they’re meant for so much more. So, how do women succeed in politics?

Tips for Women to Succeed in Politics

First of all, it’s important for women to get involved. This is how you make connections and meet people that can drastically change your life. Getting ahead in the world of politics often comes from who you know, not what you know. While sheer intellect can definitely launch a prosperous political career, getting noticed by someone with the resources to put you on a significant platform and give you new opportunities will immensely aid your career.

Second of all, women need to take advantage of social media. The world of politics has a huge presence on social media. From Twitter to Instagram to Facebook, there are a plethora of accounts dedicated to purely politics. Even prominent politicians use social media to get their message across to a massive amount of constituents.

Third of all, women need to learn the art of finding (and following the advice of) a mentor. There are so many young and bright conservative women on Twitter and other social media platforms that are willing to mentor you. Find some of your favorite accounts and do not be afraid to reach out those people and ask for help.